Hair Loss

Hair integration systems are unique to each individual hair loss. These bespoke systems can be applied to small or large areas, small patches to thinning partings and crown to full head units.

The client will require a certain amount of their own hair to attach the mesh and lace systems. These are applied using the clients existing hair which is weaved through a breathable mesh that is placed over the area and secured with non-damaging safe attachments, forming a secure and comfortable foundation.

Once the lace closure and wefts are applied, the weight of the hair wefts and panels are evenly distributed giving the client the up-most comfort. The client can wash and style as normal and feel confident at all times, even during sporting activities such as swimming and on holiday.

Mesh integration systems, hair toppers and volumizers are hand crafted to each individuals’ requirements, to cover varying areas of hair-loss, including

  • Damaged and over processed hair
  • Hormonal hair loss
  • Female pattern baldness
  • Woman’s thinning hair
  • Male to female (MTF) trans-gender hair
  • Alopecia
  • Trichotillomania