Men's Hair Loss Treatment

We specialize in the highest quality, non-surgical hair replacement systems at affordable prices at Vogue, Morecambe.

Want your hair back today? Want to look younger? Feel more confident? Well you can with our non-surgical hair replacement service! The hair system gets applied to your scalp We do this by using 100% safe-toxin free system bond.

This helps the hair system to be in place strongly and comfortable so it feels like your own natural hair. We work with and use the best products in the market to ensure we can give you the best for your skin and health at all times.

The bond is also secure enough for you to shower, go to the gym, swimming and with stand any activity, acting as if you had normal hair!

You can choose any hairstyle look you want.

Your hair systems acts and feels like your own hair.

So you can sleep, shower, play sports, gym in it and live normally.

We have lots of happy clients who have our system and use it in their daily lives.

The best part is you now have a full head of hair styled to your new look!

Connor's Transformation

My hair loss was getting me down, it was getting to a point where I thought enough is enough, and go completely bold, but I didn’t really want to as a young man it made me look a lot older then I was and I wasn’t happy.

I thought to myself what are my options and I did some research, I saw that Vouge hair & Beauty had a way of solving my problem. The next hurdle now was that im a young man going into a salon, thankfully the girls made me feel welcome and really comfortable though out the process.

They solved my problem with a lace and glue as I like the gym and honestly I couldn’t be more happier and more confident, I’m already looking forward to going back and see what else we can do, I highly recommend and I couldn’t express how much gratitude I have for these girls. Amazing work and thank you.

I thought I would get laughed at but the opposite has happened, people now think it be weird if I go back to way I was. Again, thank you girls brought my confidence back.

Peter's Transformation

I Can’t thank Jade, Laura and Vogue Hair and Beauty enough.

After starting to lose my hair at the age of 25 it became a bit of a low point for me and I have always found it pretty difficult to deal with. It shouldn’t be a big deal for a man but it always makes you feel like there is something missing and as much as I would love to be a guy that just deals with it, I can’t. It doesn’t matter who or how many people tell you ‘you look fine’ it’s still a bitter pill to swallow being bald.

I started to research many options from the age of 35 and being a little scared of the process of a hair transplant I came across hair replacement systems. I spent some time looking at various places around the country and speaking to a few salons. It became something I was going to do.

I was then informed that Vogue Hair and Beauty had started offering Male hair replacement services.

After booking my consultation with Jade and being made to feel so welcomed by her and the rest of the team we scheduled the fit of my first system. After a little time working with what tapes, bonds work with my lifestyle and skin oil type we cracked it and that’s all down to the care and attention of Jade and Laura and the passion they have to wanting to change people lives.

What can I say? I’m blown away. It has boosted my confidence; the comments and feedback are amazing. It really has changed my life.

Thank you so much to Vogue Hair and Beauty Morecambe.