Women's Hair Loss Treatment

We offer hair loss treatment for women in the Morecambe area; see what we can achieve in the images below.

The Hair Mesh Integration System

The integrated system is a more semi-permanent form of hair replacement. The system is continuously worn and needs regular maintenance to keep it secure on the head, with the use of no glue or tape, this convenient and revolutionary kind of hair replacement is the preferred choice for many women.

Your system will be bespoke made and your hair will be integrated through a fine mesh. Once your hair is secured, hair is intricately added to the mesh and integrated with your own hair, a natural looking parting can be created to give the illusion of a scalp effect. All hair systems will be colour matched to your hair cut and styled into your preferred style.

You can do virtually everything whilst wearing the system, this includes swimming and going to the gym, the breathable mesh forms the base of the system allows your scalp to breathe and makes washing easy, and styling.

Clients who suffer with hair loss such as Alopecia, clients who are Cancer patients or clients who suffer with Trichotillomania; use the-Hair Mesh System as a preferred replacement method, instead of a wig.